Explanation on our Lvl 10 base minimum

Greetings my fellow Decepticons. Seferia here with a post of explanation to help clarify the direction that the alliance is moving in.

First and foremost, I want to state that my objective will always be to have things be obtainable for any given member of our alliance. Sure, some things take time, and they won’t be easy to get the first time around, but I do look for success while keeping things fun and pleasurable.

So, onto the explanation as to today’s jump in minimums. We are moving closer and closer to being a top ranked alliance. This means that we need to keep a strong playing field to make certain things happen. I looked through our selection of bases and found that the mass majority of them are level ten and up. As such, I felt that now was a good tie to bring the bar up for entry and make certain new members have a chance of scoring and contributing like the rest of us.

However, I also did note that we have some 8s and 9s still around. So, this paragraph is for these individuals. I am not going to judge you for not being at our new minimum. You came in when the minimum was lower. As such, you will not be punished for not getting higher numbers.

However, I must make a few points to these members as well. I feel that maxing at levels 9 and under might not be fully a worthwhile endeavor. Having level 30+ bots is a huge boost to your ability to play the game and gain materials. So, try to push toward level ten to get those stronger troops. Base level 10-11 is a good stopping point to max out your bases. Not only does it take time to level up your troops, but you will be really getting strong defenses at this time. Also, this will prevent us from having low level bases coming up at our 4th position.

Once again, this is a shift in direction for new members only. I will strongly suggest to move toward the minimum, but I know it takes time.

Also, I might as well address the leaderboard events. I don’t have real words to explain how much I dislike these set ups. Leaderboard events are regularly negative points for mid-rank alliances. They work ok enough in Marvel CoC since they make tiered leader boards. However, they still regularly make the strong alliances stronger, which makes a huge gap between the player base.

As such, I will keep my mins to reflect what our players can easily obtain without dedicating their lives to the game. However, at the same time, I will push for more from you all so that you get stronger troops. Stronger troops will help with our wars, so it is a win win situation to work on double experience events.

Seferia is now done with her rant of rantingness. Feel free to give your opinions on what she is doing.

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