So, Sketchbook and DeviantArt are having a bit of a quarrel

I can’t post my daily update there, so I’ll do it here! Stupid app.

Daily update 5/05

Anyway, I had typed, multiple times, a few notes on this. So, I might as well review them again.

First, this is no where close to being done, obviously. Even if I were keeping it to line-art, there’s many lines that are just not fully decided on. Also, some of the scaling that can be seen will probably be muted later on. I’m just blocking out general ideas for the scales at the moment.

Second, I’m not quite happy with the lower body armor/clothing. I want to move away from the old design and make it mesh with her more human side’s armor. However, magic-use does permit for some modification. Also, given that this form is more dragon-like, I could just toss away the concept of proper clothing and armor. After all, what type of armor does armored scales need?

Then there’s the random guy’s foot. I need to work a bit more on it. The shape is just not jiving with me yet.

However, there are some differences from yesterday’s progress, such as the cracks. I bet that random guy’s head is hurting.

Lastly… perhaps I’ll drop DA and just put my daily updates here…

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