Last vocab self-study tool that I’ll need for the semester

However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t make another quiz or two to help study and perfect my skills. I’ve been working very hard at achieving some form of competency in Japanese in this semester and intend to continue striving to master the language. Sadly, I may find myself at a point soon where I cannot dedicate myself to all the things that I wish to balance in my life at the moment. There is so much stress that is pulling at me at the moment… I just don’t know.

JPN 211 Chapter 5

The vocab words needed for Chapter 5

Well, here is the quiz. がんばって、みなさん!

Also, my cat is still declining and I feel as if my time with her is quickly coming to an end. I wish that I could prevent this from happening, but it is much too late now.

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