Curse you, Hasbro!

I’ve been a fan of Transformers for years; however, I’ve mostly kept my toy collection restricted to either Starscream/the seekers or a few scattering of Decepticons in general. However, Hasbro has been recently producing a line that has multiple figures that I want to collect in general. The main guy in this upcoming line that I will need to find a good spot for is Devastator.

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He was one of the most prominent combiners that I noticed while I was growing up, especially since I watched the movie religiously as a child. However, I never really got around to collecting a version of him, whether because of missing out on it, not having the funds, or not liking the design. This time around, the only issue is space. However, I have plans and plots. I am certain that I can find a home for a single combiner. However, if the rumored Trypticon comes out as well…

We’ll get to that bridge when we cross it!

Anyway, there have recently been another set of announcements that have caught my eye.

I had already been planning on getting my hands on Thundercracker when he comes out. While my main target for Seekers is Starscream, the Leader-class Thundercracker looks dang good. I definitely want to get my hands on him.

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However, the recent announcements had two new figures that definitely got my brain plotting something that I had not fully been sold on prior to. These guys were just revealed in this past week:

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Both of these characters, I’ve never collected, nor felt the need to collect in the past. However, these figures are both looking good and part of a larger themed set that has been slightly brewing in my mind. This theme is where my featured image for this little entry comes from. The Lost Light Crew, the stars of the IDW Comic, More Than Meets the Eye.

I am a huge fan of this comic, and I’ve heard of other people making a collection of the figures that represent the various members of the crew.  However, they had one major point against them in terms of my desire to collect them: I don’t tend to collect Autobots. However, I think I just will now to actually get a set that represents this team. My love for the comic outweighs the fact that I never cared much for the Autobots.

So, I am setting a few ground-rules for my collection. I intend to find figures that are as close to their comics representation in general. For the most part, I am likely to only aim for Hasbro’s Generations Line. I also am only going to gather the main cast that can been easily identified in each comic. I have no need to gather the background characters. Also, I shall be aiming for Hasbro releases, not Takara releases. I will collect one of the Japanese versions only if the Takara release happens to look better. Finally, I plan not to get 3rd party versions, unless I am forced to.

So, onto the list to finish my plot and scheme.

Rodimus (I have looked, I do not yet see a figure that fits the bill for him)
Megatron – I have not yet pre-ordered him, but I have plans to get him.
Ultra Magnus – Also planning on pre-ordering him, just not from there.
Cyclonus – I do not want that set. I will hunt him down alone.
Tailgate – Got him yesterday.
Whirl – Obtained and on its way! I absolutely love this character. He says some of the most insane and fun things.
Brainstorm – I am planning, I just haven’t obtained him yet. I actually was planning on him before I did decide to go ahead for the entire Lost Light Crew.
Skids – I am going to need to do some hunting to get him for a reasonable price.
Swerve – Gotta love this little bar-owner. I already nabbed him.
Perceptor – I do not know of an appropriate figure to fit him yet. I want one with the targeting eye-patch.
Nightbeat – He’s still reasonably priced. I’ll probably grab him soon.
Ratchet – I don’t know of a figure of him that I’d actually like.
Nautica – If they make a figure of her… that would be awesome.
Rewind – I do not know of a reasonably priced version of him.
Chromedome – I also do not know of a reasonably priced figure that fits my conditions.
Ravage – I’ll have to look around.
Drift – I actually originally hated the guy, but MTMTE convinced me that he was actually a character that had some merit. This might not be a figure I’ll get anytime soon. IT MUST BE IDW-STYLE DRIFT!
Rung – If only they made a figure for him. I’d jump on it.
Trailbreaker/cutter – I think I might hunt him down.
Getaway – This guy is actually a large maybe. He’s not that prominent in the series. I also do not know of a figure that fits my rules.

For the most part, any other figures require me to think on who they are too much. So, I am unlikely to aim for them. There is one last grouping that would be worthy of being part of this collection, if they get toys made for them, the DJD.

Anyway, I’ve wasted enough time thinking and plotting for now.

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