A new semester and a new study tool

I’m once again creating a set of self-study tools on my site to help myself prepare for the upcoming vocabulary quizzes. I’ve recently started my 2nd year Japanese classes, so I am in need of studying once more.

211 Chapter 1

The first study tool for the new semester.

Yay for self-study that is easy to obtain.

In other news, I have no idea how this is happening, but I seem to have a somewhat popular video on youtube that I have barely publicized or anything. In fact, it was just a video that was created as a test to see how my new capture card and PS3 set-up worked. While the video that I created was of great quality, I had not created the video in any attempt at gaining anything other than a test. The time that I obtained in the video isn’t even close to the top scores online.

It boggles the mind.

I may post more on this game later. However, for now, it is late and I am currently fighting off a cold. So, I do not feel like thinking.

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