Well-Done Podcast Ep. 27 : “EXPLOSIONS!??” featuring Hoss!

April 11, 2013 7:57 am PDT in Typical WOM

Published on Apr 9, 2013

On this episode of the Well Done Podcast we explore the new Monster Hunter game Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate with unity’s HOSS (add explosion here)!!!! We get to know Hoss and why he loves the TNT so much.



Break the Brachydios – Hunt a Brachydios – 06m37s
Infernal Overlord – Hunt a Stygian Zinogre – 29m07s
Ruler of Two Realms – Hunt an Ivory Lagiacrus – 49m10s
Harvest Tour: Volcano – Survive until time expires or deliver a Paw Pass Ticket – 1:04m00s
The Cherry Blossom Queen – Hunt a Pink Rathian – 1:19m00s

Canti – 06m03s
MoisesL – 12m11s
Kendall – 19m44s
Vatto – 26m30s
Partystar – 34m04s
judgemagister – 35m15s
Guyver – 38m57s
Qreature Chong – 45m19s
SourMochi – 48m30s
ImaDoomYou a – 53m30s
LEEROY – 58m59s
RedStache – 1:03m03s
Arcadience – 1:06m47s
Moropa – 1:08m56s
Daniel – 1:09m48s
Geo – 1:15m45s
Gale – 1:19m05s
Sorry we couldn’t get to everyone’s questions!! We’re just trying to keep the podcast within and hour and a half! We love you viewers and thanks again for all of your support!!

Van Halen reference – 1:07m33s (working on it)
Hoss’s Let’s Play – www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7FDrr… – 1:11m50s

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