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Preparing for the bug hunt

February 4, 2013 9:10 am PDT in Typical WOM

The day is coming soon. The day in which there will be men and women who are sent to a distant planet in order to hunt down an infestation of nasties which are nasty and xenomorphy. This day will be filled with many deaths and cries of destruction. Hopefully, this day will also be good.

Seferia is definitely preparing for this day. Seferia does love her Xenomorphs. If it were plausible, she would have a pet Xenomorph. Sure, it might try to kill her, but she would still want one. In fact, Seferia is preparing to turn traitor and go to the enemy side, just like this:

Until that day, Seferia shall hunt down her facehugger and hug it. Mmmm-hmmm.

2 responses to Preparing for the bug hunt

  1. I wish I could play this with you. Saw a trailer for it late last week, looks really fun!

    • I’m getting it on the PS3, so eventually, you should be able to play with me. You just won’t have a collector’s edition with a flamethrowing gernade launcher like I will have.

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