This is… Newsworthy?

Well, I decided to pick on the news for today, since video games just aren’t providing…  Ok, they are providing fun topics, but I want to talk about something different.  So, I went to Google News and I found this:

Super-sized mother determined to become world’s fattest woman in two years | Mail Online.

I think my brain just broke.  Ok, this person is overweight.  They are unhealthy.  So, what do they decide to do?  …They decide that they want to gain even more weight to make a world record.  This is admirable?

Really, is this some sort of admirable act?  Because I don’t see why this person should be encouraged by anyone.  However, I read bits in this piece about how people have sent this women items to help her gain weight.  Just… wow.

Now, does everyone need to be a tooth-pick?  No.  However, you don’t encourage someone to break a world record by making oneself unhealthy.  It just should never be done.

Oh, Sony…

Sony, Sony, Sony.  Yes, I am going to get your Move, but still, Sony…  This just smacks with arrogance.  I mean, do we really need to get to mudslinging in the console wa-  Oh right, we already had that from way back in my youth.

Does it make business sense to downplay your competitors by pointing out their flaws?  Yes.  Is it the smoothest move around?  Probably not.  I am quite glad that they showed gameplay along in this advertisement, but perhaps they should have just brought up the positive points without the comparisons?

Oh, who am I kidding?   Every company on the face of the Earth does this sort of stuff.  Perhaps not to this degree, I mean, they use “studies show” instead.  So, I should expect this sort of attitude.

Anyway, I have to be honest, I did enjoy the commercial.

Mini-review: Piece of junk peripheral.

Well, I come today to speak of an annoyance that I originally thought may possibly have some potential: the pokéwalker.


This tool, which I originally thought was a potentially useful item has turned out to be nothing more than a hassle.  Here is the premise that it was sold to me on (granted, I didn’t do full research at any point): that this device would be useful in power-leveling pokémon due to the fact that the counter could be tricked (I will get back on that).   Now, here is the reality: this device should never be used for leveling pokémon, ever.  Not unless you don’t plan on using them.   For starters, you can only level a pokémon a single level per walk.  Second, if the said pokémon does level, it does not queue you on the additional abilities that you should have access to.  Instead, you lose the chance to learn those abilities all together.  So, this is the worst way to level an effective pokémon.

Now, this device can be easily tricked.  I’ve been able to trick it into thinking that hundreds to thousands of steps have been taken by some rather simple tricks.  First: simply wave your hand up and down.  This will get the device to think you are taking steps.  Thus, you can get it to gain watts just by sitting at your desk or on your couch.  Next, I’ve had the thing clipped to my bag and then simply drove on shaky road.  That alone gave the device enough jults that it awarded me 30 watts.  Quick math here, but that is 750 “steps” for a 10 minute drive.  Hence, I can see very few people taking the cue to walk around as this device is supposed to convince a person to do.

Now, there is one useful thing that this device does provide.  There is a mini-game in which a person can catch wild pokémon.  This single mini-game alone makes up for the pathetically limiting leveling scheme that is implemented (though in retrospective, given that the device has a person miss out on evolution and move choices, I suppose that the one level limit is good).  In general, catching a wild pokémon on this device is rather simple: get ten watts, pick the mini-game, click on the bushes with !s, weaken the pokémon, then catch it.  Of course, each path only has about 6 choices of wild encounters, so it is rather limiting there as well.

All I can say is that I am glad that I didn’t have to pay extra money for this peripheral.  It simply would not be worth it if it did not come packaged with the game.  Now, I can provide thoughts on the game; however, for fairness, I should wait until I’ve messed around enough to unlock all the game-play choices.

Reference: Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver – PokéWalker.

I shouldn’t want this, but it is too cute to not want.

I will be honest, this looks like a childish game.  I am certain that it is targeting children with the design of the characters.  Yet, despite that fact, I can’t deny that it is completely adorable.  Perhaps I am a sucker, perhaps I am insane, but I want this game despite how childish it appears.

Is there anything wrong with that, though?  Absolutely not.  I can indulge in silly things like that and find contentment in my existence.  For instance, at the moment, I have a guilty obessession with Endless Ocean.  The game, honestly, isn’t the greatest.  However, I just love it.  I love dolphins;  I love sharks;  I love the idea of diving; and I probably would never get to experience this stuff in real life.

Oh wells, here’s to loving those unique queer games that get overlooked by the X-box Live “hardcore” idiots.

Source: Monster Hunter > Thread – Felyne Spinoff Trailer.

Limited edition PSP for Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker coming

Metal Gear PSP Front

Well, Sony is preparing yet another specially colored PSP to release with the upcoming MGS Peacewalker.  This specific one has definitely caught my interest, for it has several things going for it.

First, I have my launch PSP still.  Yes, it works; however, I have never been happy with it.  From the first day I got it, I had clusters of semi-dead pixels on that PSP, a problem that was common amongst the launch units.  While, this problem possibly could have been solved early on by a choice to turn in the PSP and get a new one, during those days, the pickings were slim.  Not to mention, I had convinced myself that the problem wasn’t major, which it honestly isn’t.  I can play my favorite games without the clouding issues being any problem.

Furthermore, seeing as this is a 3000 and my system is a 1000, there should be a much faster loading time on this unit.  To be honest, the slow loads on my unit have started to irk me.  Ok, perhaps it will be only a bit faster and not “much”, but it still would be faster.

Next, it’s a gorgeous color.  Now, I’m not saying that color alone will get me to buy a unit, though it has its appeals.  That has never been the case for me; however, I will say that I wouldn’t touch a system that was a puke-worthy color.  Nonetheless, the color is a nice draw.

Last, it comes with a game that I plan on buying.  I am a Snake fanatic, and Naked Snake is definitely fun (perhaps even more fun that Solid).

Hence, this system will definitely be on my radar.

Source: New Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Entertainment Pack – PlayStation Blog.

More Monster Hunter, Squee!

Yay, it looks like Capcom is going to reward us with more Monster Hunter.  Of course, this isn’t too surprising since the series is a smash hit in Japan.  I just really hope that Capcom doesn’t decide to skip it on localization.  I really hope that this has online play or something of the similar.  While I can play the portables on Ad-Hoc party, it’d be easier for me to share the fun with my friends if it was capable of going online without requiring an assisting tool.

Here’s to the future filled with more monsters that go rawr!

Video game developers, please stop doing things like this!

See the awesomeness right there?  Yea, that.  Custom skins that are all great and part of a game that I am planning on buying because it looks like a ton of fun.  Hence, I want all of them!

However, the greatness which is capitalism has come up with the most twisted evil plot around.  You see, each and every one of those guys is a promo for a different store.  Ratchet and Clank is from Amazon, Kratos is from Gamestop, and Nathan Drake is from Best Buy.  This is just pure torment.  If I wanted all of them, I’d have to buy the game three times.

Now, logic states that these will be timed exclusives, like those that came with Little Big Planet.  So, I just need to pick my favorite now then wait it out for the rest to be released as DLC.  Still, that is beside the point.  I would much rather have a congruent reward system where I can get all three of them no matter who I pre-order from.


Well, onto pondering the evil which is this pre-order.  I am an Amazon logalist… but Nathan Drake is cute….  And Kratos is Kratos…

Source: ModNation Dated, Kratos, Ratchet & Clank, And Nathan Drake Join The Race – ModNation Racers – Kotaku.

Very tempting…

I do enjoy having funky key chains.  However, I am afraid that if I get this, I’ll lose it like I did my Sephy and Bowser key chains…  And I seriously mean lose it.  Those things like falling off their screws and then dropping off at random points.



Oh man, now I wish I had more money and more room.  Heh.  These things are so cute.

Hopefully a triumph.

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