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Seferia is starting to form a theory.

It’s not a very sound theory, but it is a theory… Trillian might be the cause of some amount of instability for my streams. I may need to keep it closed in order to improve performance. Or… replace my video/sound cards. Given that my vid/sound cards are still basically awesome… I’ll go with option #1.

Anyway, tonight had two different streams. First, there was the continuation of the combination of two epic laughs of insanity. Unfortunately, mid-conversation, skype went crazy and Seferia had to reboot her computer in order to get it working again. Feel free to watch it here.

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The stream of epic laughs has been made.

Seferia and Shevaman, two people known for different forms of insanity have finally managed to make a stream together. Unfortunatley, Seferia had an issue mid-way through her stream where things went black… Her computer had been showing the preview in one screen, but not the other and things… yea…

Sorry about that. However, there is pleanty of content to enjoy!

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Seferia gives in to the power of Umbrella

A few months ago, Seferia bought an umbrella and she was happy. The umbrella was one that replicated the iconic Maltese cross of the Umbrella Corporation.


I was happy and content at the time, for I thought that I had gotten around the fact that Amazon and the Capcom store both had pre-order bonuses that I wanted. However, then something occurred to me.


There was a second different Umbrella. I wanted both, but I didn’t want to give up on my Amazon pre-order either. Well, today I gave in and pre-ordered the 360 version from Capcom’s store so that I could have that second Umbrella umbrella. This will also give the other half of my friends the chance to torment me. So, it’ll work out.