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Missed the chance to see the Girls’ Party?

Well, Seferia is here once more to do her normal post-stream report.  So fear not, the party shall be seen no matter what time you desire to see it.

As I had previously posted, I had taken over hosting duties for Girl’s Night Out at Seraphie’s request.  I really do hope that I don’t let her down on that regard.  As far as hosting goes, I have no issues with that.  I just did not have the outpouring of gals popping up that Seraphie had managed the other nights.  So, we’ll see what happens with that.

Anyway, want to watch carnage and destruction?  For there are plenty of deaths, most notably mine!

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In preparation for another Girl’s Night Out

Girl's Night Out

Well, it’s Wednesday and the girl’s are preparing to have another wild night in the world of Monster Hunting. Unfortunately, tonight marks the start of a change in the format to the Girl’s Night Out crew. Due to personal reasons, Seraphie felt the need to step down and take care of her family first over hosting the GNO. So, instead of being the supportive host, I’m stepping up to be the main host of the foray.

Please do note that I always supported Seraphie in her creation. I never looked for a chance to overthrow her and wanted her to be in the spotlight. However, I also want her vision to live on. So, when she asked for help, I was glad to offer the help. Also, if she ever manages to find the time to host GNO again, I will gladly hand the reigns back over to her.

Anyway, I have a schedule that permits me to be very flexible with my start times. However, there was no strong call to start earlier. So, I’m keeping to Seraphie’s start time of 7PM PST/10PM EST. If in the future, I find that there are more that want to join that can’t make that start, I will adjust my start time as needed.

I also will admit that my streams have always been laid back and never had much of a format. We simply started playing and let people converse with us in the chat. So, I hope that I will manage as well as Seraphie did in providing introductions and all of that.

One last thing, I will be streaming on club1kJho’s Twitch channel for the event. I don’t think my connection would survive if I attempted to stream to both my account and 1kJho’s at the same time. So, GNO will be exclusive to 1kJho.

Thanks all for the support. Also, Seraphie, as I said, you will forever be our executive producer. If there is any direction that she wants the show to go in, I will always comply with her wishes.

Another fun weekend for Seferian streams

Well, I must start this article with a side of not so great news. My normal Mic, a Sennheiser PC333D, went on the fritz this past week. So, in order to save viewers from hearing static upon static, I have switched up to my back-up mic. This mic is simply a middle-ground Plantronics headset. So, it doesn’t quite do the job quite as my normal mic would. Unfortunately, I did not catch how drastic the difference of sound could be until after my Saturday stream. So, the audio quality was not quite to the standards that I wanted.

Still, I sure had a fun time. The fun is all that matters in my streams. I am after nothing more than that fun.

So, if you want to get some good laughs, check out the recordings after the more below.

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Another weekend full of MH streams from Seferia

It feels so very good to be past the hump of technical glitches and various other oddities that used to plague my streams. I feel like I’ve gotten to a pretty good spot with the quality of my streams. About the only thing that I could possibly do to improve them more is get a faster internet, but I think that is not plausible where I live. Even then, the quality looks pretty good. So, I think I’m keeping with what I have.

For all those that my have missed my last two streams from this past weekend, this post is for you. As usual, I’m about to place them up here for storage and commentary, since twitch doesn’t have a comment section for recorded streams.

Enjoy the streams past the more below.

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The great proposal: Boom de Yada

I’ve already posted this on my blog on Capcom Unity. However, I wanted to also place the proposal on here as well. In part, I’m cross-posting in order to jot down notes on ideas that have come up since I posted my original blog post on Unit. I also just wanted to have it here for reference.

So, let us get down to business. I recently proposed a project that would require the assistance of multiple Monster Hunters across the globe. There are many of us that record our hunts and have the ability to record our voices as well. So, this project is very much doable, as long as we come up with a crew that are willing to have fun with the idea.

As for the idea, it is a Monster Hunter themed and modified Boom de Yada. Inspiration for this project can be seen below.


Unlike the World of Warcraft video, which utilized 3d model animations, I propose that various people record themselves playing Monster Hunter so that we could put up a montage of Monster Hunters around the world. We’d record our characters doing actions to correspond to the lyrics that we’ve chosen, one way or another.

Also, I’ve also considered the idea of having the various MH groups out there, such as the podcast groups, be featured in the group Boom de Yada lines. Of course, that would require signing up the various groups that have started podcasts in order to get the job done.

Finally, the video clips and voices would be compiled into one single video which would then make our completed MH Boom de Yada. There’s the chance that we’d need to do a massive group skype call in order to get the voices done right, I don’t know.

I’ve already had a number of people state that this sounds like a fun idea. I know that my friend Redstache would love to help work on the lyrics. I can even twist Malek’s arm to get him to compose the background music and arrange it for us. Many of the girls from the GNO stream thought that this would be a fun project.

So, if the stars align, it can be done. Just need to hunt down volunteers.

Girls’ Night Out was a success

Missed the stream this evening. Well, fear not. I have you covered.

We had a happily active chat with many weird and fun questions. So, I would tem the stream to be a rousing success. We also had a full ensemble of women pop in and out and share the limelight. There is a chance that we may rework how the stream is formatted to have it work with two rooms simultaneously. That will be something that will have to be discussed in full later on.

However, for now, we did a simulstream of fun and excitement. Feel free to watch it below.

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Warning: There will be a stream tonight from Seferia and Seraphie

I know that I normally don’t post here in advance to warn of an upcoming stream. The main reason for that is that a lot of my streams aren’t planned, aside from my weekly Saturday streams. Since the Saturday streams are every week, I don’t feel the need to post about the upcoming imminence each time that the week is coming to an end.

My other streams tend to be just “I feel like streaming”. Thus, they don’t get any advertisements either. However, this time around, a plan has been formed and will be put into action.

Thus, I present information on the second rendition of Girl’s Night Out.

Girl's Night Out

This stream is mostly Seraphie’s brain-child. So, I’m more or less along for the ride. Still, I’m more than happy to join her and provide a second view on the events of the night.

The main premise of this stream is to gather a bunch of female hunters to hunt. We’re not trying to do the GamerGirl thing, though. So, please do not worry there. We’re just hanging out and hunting. Possibly dying.

If you want to catch the events, It’ll start at 7pm PST or 10 pm EST, whichever timezone floats your fancy. The stream will be simultaneously presented from two different locations. First is Seraphie’s version at www.twitch.tv/club1kjho/. Meanwhile, my edition will be held at Halcyon’s stream headquarters at twitch.tv/seferia.

See you all in the chat.

Another weekend passes by, another successful stream

I didn’t manage to break any records this past Saturday, for this time, I only got an average of 15 viewers for my stream as it went on. I also didn’t stream for as long as I am capable of, for I just needed a weekend full of sleep for once. However, I did stream and have fun while I streamed.

I did, however, have some new participants join me, which I am always happy to invite along. Some were not so new to me, such as Arctic and SNSD, for I’ve hunted with them before. However, one was brand new and joined after being part of the chat. It’s always a pleasure to have my viewers join, so I’m always open to having them come along.

Anyway, if you want to watch the insanity, check past the more.

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Massive post of massiveness

Seferia was a bad girl and didn’t do her weekend stream report last week. For that, Seferia apologies. She was busy with work and otherwise being lazy and just reading fanfiction. She barely even logged onto her normal socializing areas last week in general. Overall, she just felt like being away for reasons that had nothing to do with anything other than being in a mood. Seferia doesn’t even know how to describe it other than that. There was no reason aside from just not feeling like doing things.

Anyway, this post is going to include the streams from the past two weekends. A lot has occurred during this time, which mostly involved hitting G-rank and building armors. Seferia went from G-rank G. Jaggi armor to Ivory Lagy armor. Overall, it’s been fun grinding away those armors and gettings things.

So, if you want to watch the various streams, feel free to check them out below.

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The new season has begun

So, Freedom Fridays ended last week. However, Seferia has already got to work on starting her new weekly saturday hunt stream. So, all’s good! It wasn’t a long wait at all, huh? Yea, I know, it’s mostly a joke.

Anyway, I’ve been having fun on Tri Ultimate so far. I’m still not too far into the game, unfortunately, and struggling for resources and all that. So, the overpowered Seferia from earlier streams was not present. No, instead, another Seferia was present. It was the one that barely had any equipment or materials. The one that was struggling to make her stuff up to par. Yes, that’s the Seferia that appeared on Saturday.

Also, I think I need to tweak my mic settings. It is noticable that my mic is louder than the other callers. I’ll try to remember that soon.

Anyway, enjoy the show below.

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