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The Guantlet has a new home!

Once upon a time, Seferia was bored.  In fact, a lot upon a time, Seferia is bored…  However, that is beside the point.  So, Seferia made a group on Capcom Unity to entertain herself for a while.  During that time, she permitted for bending of rules, for it was a private group.  All members were adults, and fun was had.  Seferia approved.

However, that group has died down, and now Seferia is bored again.  So, Seferia is reviving the most popular topic and event from that forums here on her own site with even looser rules.  The only rule is no pornography/illegal content.

Thus, Seferia introduces you to the Gauntlet.  It is a thread of ultimate “top this”-ness.  The objective is to find the worst of the worst out there, of all genres.  Share it and then find more of the greatness to laugh and snicker at.  For quite some time, this thread had a lively following of evilness.

Without further preamble, Seferia presents to you the highlights of the original Gauntlet!

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Plans for this weekend.

Yay, the weekend is basically here.  I just need to survive a few hours of work, then I’ll have my blissful days off.  Even better, I actually have a plan for the weekend.

You see, starting today, there is an event going on in Las Vegas called EVO.  While I won’t be competing at all, I’ll still be heading over to hang out with a few people from Capcom Unity who have gone to Sin City to enjoy the show.  We also plan to eat at Margarittaville tomorrow, which is one of my favorite spots.

So, tonight, after work, I’ll be swinging to the Caesar’s Palace to check out EVO and see what’s going on.  I also do still plan on streaming tonight.  However, I cannot say when I’ll be available to stream.

The video round-up.

I’ve been recording quite a bit of my adventures on P3rd HD these past few days. So, for your viewing pleasure, I am about to present all the videos that I have put up on the subject.

I never had any intentions of teaching anyone anything about Monster Hunter when making these videos, so don’t expect to be enlightened. Nor am I some great hunter of prestige, so no impressed either. Just look for entertainment, my dears.

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