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I exist. I play video games. There you go.


Well, got one of my objectives achieved.  I managed to figure out how to get icons to effectively show with each of our posts.  So, now it will be easy enough to see who is posting.

However, the downside is that I can’t seem to find an aesthetic theme for this, yet.  I liked the look of the other theme, but it didn’t do all that I wanted.

Should I make my own custom theme?  Probably.  However, such an endeavor would be…  Quite the endeavor.  PhP sites are split up to so many mini-segments.  A quick look of the build of this theme shows at least 10 mini-segments that I’d need to address.  I also couldn’t easily find the color pallet.  So, I am not even certain where to start, if I can manage to start, that is.

If anyone wants to offer assistance, yell.

My new-found love: Monster Hunter

The Monster Hunter Wiki – Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter 3, and more.

Whee, I’m becoming such a fan of this series.  I really wish I hadn’t skipped out on it at all.  The designs are just beyond awsome.  And I have cats as chefs.

I repeat: I have cats as chefs!

Anyone who doesn’t find these guys as the most cute and awesome thing ever deserve to be shot.

If you have a Wii, please look into Monster Hunter 3.  Even if you don’t have a Wii, look into this series!

If anyone wants to try out escorting a novice hunter, I have a PS3, so I can try ad-hoc party to play Monster Hunter Freedom 2 or Freedom Unite with you.

Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatars

Ok, had to go searching high and low to figure out how to get avatars here.  Basically, it’s not stored locally.  Instead, you  need to set up an avatar here:

Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatars.

To date, since it looks like I’m bending the rules of this thing, I can’t set up different avatars for the posters.  Minor detail.  If and when I figure that out, I’ll definitely fix that.

Halcyon lives.

Mwahahaha! Welcome to the blog for the psycho pyro sorceress, who goes by the name of the black dragon… Yea, I guess that doesn’t work. Heh.

I finally got off my butt and decided to implement the blog that I had plotted for years. So, here it is. Le ultimate of bloginess. I will blog. I will put up insanity. No one will care.

But… I shall do it! And you shall all fear.

Enjoy the stay.

If by any chance you are looking for alternative past-times, here are some options:
The staging grounds of a multi-dimensional war
The cataloging and documentation of these wars