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Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh Oh My Gosh – Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney 5 Announced! YAY!

I’m the one that never posts, but that’s partly because I’m just too darn elusive.

But thankyou, Capcom! I CAN BARELY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. You made my day today. Gyakuten Saiban / Ace Attorney 5 was recently announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2012. And oh my gosh…† AAAGHHHH! Phoenix’s redesign is truly quite wonderful – they gave him a little hair-curl in his redesign. If it’s your plan to make the fangirls swoon over Phoenix, then SUCCESS. So cute! Thank you for making me happy today, Capcom! Here’s a screenshot from the upcoming title:

The game is going to be entirely 3D, but they’re staying true to the old AA1 ~ AA3 sprite perspectives. I can’t wait to see more of the game development. As for the plot… not much announced so far, other than Phoenix returns to being a lawyer (YAY! Better than being a hobo). Maya is probably not going to be in the game. I just hope Edgeworth returns too…

After the not-so-enjoyable Gyakuten Saiban 4 (It wasn’t a BAD game, but after playing AA1, AA2 and AA3, I wanted more Phoenix, but the plot got turned on it’s head). I’m just so happy to see Phoenix back at the helm again. 30something year old lawyer? mmmmmyesplease. ? According to Croik over at Court Records, the game was also announced for Western Localisation, and quickly at that. I don’t know how often that happens, but I’m certainly not complaining!

Thanks to this announcement, I have to buy a 3DS just because of this.

Official Site:
Court Records also has some more info in their recent news feed.. citing my sources from the news feed here, not making this up.

All of my happies! Just one thing, though… if Edgey-poo returns, I hope they redesign him and give him some glasses just like his father had. That would make him true delicious eye-candy.

~ Kat_Aclysm

Seferia should use this more often, but perhaps the Kat Aclysm should be using this space, period! The elusive orange kitty generally doesn’t have a whole lot to blog about on a day-to-day basis other than the usual suspects (omg I ran outta milk this morning, baww), but I thought why not update this with something useful? Wewt.

I have always liked Capcom as a games/software company. While not so much a fan of the franchises like the Street Fighter series (I was a Mortal Kombat kid growing up), or even the Megaman stuff, I did love me some Devil May Cry (even though DMC2 sucked). In early 2009 when the ‘Objection’ meme was popular amongst the troglodytes of THAT BBS (you know the one), I decided to buy the first Ace Attorney/Phoenix Wright game for fun, to check out what all the fuss was about. I did get my ‘Objection’ fix, but after that lay behind it a wonderfully engaging crazy puzzle-game full of hilarious lawyers, crack-story cases and extremely witty puns. I was hooked. In the same month I nabbed Ace Attorney: Justice For All and later that year I imported Gyakuten Saiban 3 from Japan.
With knowledge of the fact that Capcom give their franchises a lot of love, I waited for a Phoenix Wright anime to be produced. Street Fighter got many anime series produced, as well as movies. Megaman has also had a number of anime-productions over the years. Heck, Devil May Cry has a mini-series too. It was only a matter of time before Phoenix Wright had his day.

Still waiting, but this is almost as good:

Go see it! The movie has a 2012 release, but it will see some Western localisation no doubt. Only a matter of time!
~ K

Itís really been a while since I updated, havenít I? I really should more often.

Aside from my mother, which you can read about in my one previous post, Iím pretty actually somewhere normal for once. If you read the Halcyon files at all, you will see the extras RPs that appeared there, that really should be updated more. They donít, and that is ultimately my fault. I make excuses and donít update them as motivation waxes and wanes, but for once I decided to fluff them up, They need more love and if I sink into another one of my moody near-depression ruts, my creativity energies go down into the toilet.

Itís not good.

But yeah, today I am feeling somewhat towards normal. Happy day, warm afternoon, good food, no family complaints for once. These days will be even fewer in the months to come, so enjoy them while you can. Really. Donít take the mundane for granted. It is probably the one thing you will remember most and crave for when the normalcy in your life no longer exists.

Another thing I want to put in the Addendum this week are Kalysto/Zulmire/Rhyderi solos. I used to write Solo-RP when I was in the Dragon Clan Lands (Another RP site I visit, with over 200 registered members, but thereís probably only about a handful active at any one given time), and it was one of the things I enjoyed. They werenít quite fanfictions, but they were current-event character vignettes I enjoyed thinking of. They helped to get my little creative spurs going.

I honestly like RP more than I ever did Fanfic-ing. When you have somebody whom is likeminded enough, and a kindred spirit in your creativity, your work is a combination of efforts, rather than something that came out of your own head. And it reminds you that you are not alone in the world. You are not some rare flower that nobody understands. There is another who shares your interests and gives enough of a damn about them to ride along with you and come up with something great. This is one of the reasons I have RPed with Jenn/Seferia for like, 9 years now. It just feels natural. A likeminded person who, you know, actually GETS the jist of what youíre thinking. Itís more fun. Itís like having your most favourite thing in the world and you can share it with somebody. Itís pretty special.

So yeah, if motivation kicks hard enough this week, expect to see some Kalysto/Rhyderi/Zulmire solos from me in the future. They will be tied to the RP, but they will be afters, Kalystoís teenage years, stuff Desiree didnít come back to the past for. I want to fill in the gaps, and itís a pretty good way to do it.

Thatís about all from me for now.
– K