Fall semester is about to start

Yet another semester of Japanese is about to start. So, I’ve already set up and prepared the first study tool self-quiz for me. Hopefully I didn’t delay too much. There’s a good slew of words that I’ll need to memorize for the first chapter’s vocab quiz.

JPN 212 Chapter 6 Vocab

Vocab for Chapter 6

Forging my own path

I am going to put up this prelude before I make this post. What is about to follow has many personal and in-depth perceptions that might not agree with every person that reads them. I’m certain that my own personal choices and opinions are not shared by the masses. I have no delusions about changing anyone’s way of life to fit my own either. However, I wished to write on this subject. So, read what follows with an open mind.

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Last vocab self-study tool that I’ll need for the semester

However, that doesn’t mean that I won’t make another quiz or two to help study and perfect my skills. I’ve been working very hard at achieving some form of competency in Japanese in this semester and intend to continue striving to master the language. Sadly, I may find myself at a point soon where I cannot dedicate myself to all the things that I wish to balance in my life at the moment. There is so much stress that is pulling at me at the moment… I just don’t know.

JPN 211 Chapter 5

The vocab words needed for Chapter 5

Well, here is the quiz. がんばって、みなさん!

Also, my cat is still declining and I feel as if my time with her is quickly coming to an end. I wish that I could prevent this from happening, but it is much too late now.

Well ahead of schedule

Managed to draft up and input the self-study quiz for chapter 4 already. So, yay for that much.

JPN 211 Chapter 4

Putting up my self-study quiz for Chapter 4

Sorry, I currently don’t have much else to say.

Yet, another study tool has been prepared

I took some time away from my studies for my upcoming midterm in order to put together a study quiz for the next chapter’s vocabulary.

JPN 211 Chapter 3

Study tool for chapter 3

114 words in this one. I am glad that I put it together now. I’m definitely going to need as much time as possible to work on this grouping.

I might try to make another quiz to help with the grammar points for the upcoming chapter tests, which are basically a midterm. However, those would take more time to draft up.

Curse you, Hasbro!

I’ve been a fan of Transformers for years; however, I’ve mostly kept my toy collection restricted to either Starscream/the seekers or a few scattering of Decepticons in general. However, Hasbro has been recently producing a line that has multiple figures that I want to collect in general. The main guy in this upcoming line that I will need to find a good spot for is Devastator.

Images gathered from seibertron.com

He was one of the most prominent combiners that I noticed while I was growing up, especially since I watched the movie religiously as a child. However, I never really got around to collecting a version of him, whether because of missing out on it, not having the funds, or not liking the design. This time around, the only issue is space. However, I have plans and plots. I am certain that I can find a home for a single combiner. However, if the rumored Trypticon comes out as well…

We’ll get to that bridge when we cross it!

Anyway, there have recently been another set of announcements that have caught my eye.

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In wait for Monster Hunter 4U

It has been an amazing last few years for Monster Hunter fans. We’ve been treated with many of the recent releases of the series, though a few still never arrived in the states. For that, I am beyond grateful for the hard work of the Capcom localization team. They have worked hard to keep the titles coming to the western market.

My own collector’s edition is in the mail and heading my way. I should be receiving it by tomorrow. However, I might be missing one part when I do receive it. I also have a Majora’s Mask 3DS on pre-order. However, I have not received notice that it has been shipped yet. So, I might need to wait as far as that is concerned.

Unfortunately, past the 3DS arrival issues, I cannot say for certain that I will be able to dedicate as much time to the western release as I did for the JPN release. I am currently well entrenched in my studies of Japanese. So, I’m determined to improve with my usage of the langauge as well as knowledge in things like Kanji. As much as I love Monster Hunter, my studies will come first.

So, to those that are likely to get into the game before I do, I know that you who are already fans will love this game. It has some great features that have made me spend hours on it already over the past year and a half. There may be bumps that you will encounter, but the rewards are well worth it. Gore Magala is one of the greatest monsters that I have come across in the series, so I do hope that he acquires many fans. Also, Rajang is broken. Freaking Monkey. Finally, Narga is missed, but the rest of the line-up make up for the lack of Narga-Kitty.


For now, I will mostly retire my JPN Seferia. She has had a strong and long run. However, it has come time to switch territories. Sadly, she and Calypso cannot come with me. However, there will be a new Seferia. There will also come a new Calypso (and perhaps even Sephiroth, if I can find the right cat). Though, their journey will be different, they will still master the arts of dual blades and bombing.

See you all on the hunting grounds!

For easy access and reference

I’m posting this here so that I can easily access it as needed. I’m not fully certain if this will work, but if it does, great!


Anyway, been toiling away at making a master sheet for all the words and expressions that I’ve learned in my Japanese classes up to date. Well, I might have missed a few. Also, this reference sheet is not completely finished. I have not fully inputted what I want for the Kanji.

Anyway, It definitely helped me refresh my memory some, so that much was useful. Now… I should get to studying for my upcoming quizzes.

Edit: the embed was much too small, so I’m trying the link instead.

Posting up another self-study tool

Most people can ignore this post. I’m just posting up my self-study tool for my next chapter’s vocabulary so that I can work on memorizing the words before the next quiz.

211 Chapter 2

A self-study tool for the 2nd chapter in my Spring JPN class.